Mobile Movies

In rural communities across SE Asia, kung fu masters are fighting infectious diseases and fairy princesses are helping children do better in school. Mobile Movies harnesses the power of entertaining movies to attract entire rural communities, and then leverages these engaging contact points to improve lives.  Our platform provides non-profit organizations and positive companies an effective means to engage rural communities via collecting data, spreading educational messages and affecting behavior change.



Mobile Movies employs a network of local agents to engage local communities across SE Asia using entertainment and cutting-edge technology. Agents first collect data about the social and environmental issues facing the communities in which they work, using a Nokia Windows 8 smartphone and our custom offline data applications. Agents then host entertaining movies in schools and community centers, and leverage these events to spread educational messages and affect positive behavior change that improves lives. Feature films have something to attract everyone: blockbusters, locally produced films, and children’s movies. Content provided by non-profit organizations and positive companies is both educational and commercial: we introduce and teach people how to use products such as antibacterial soap, water filters, solar lanterns, fuel-efficient cooking stoves, and tasty foods with added nutrition.



Mobile Movies is the ideal platform for non-profit organizations and positive companies to engage rural communities. Leverage our network of local agents to understand rural communities in depth, create dynamic educational and commercial campaigns, affect positive behavior change, and then collect data to get measure the positive impacts.

Mobile Movies is active in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar!